What is video poker?

Video poker is a computerized casino game which is based on traditional five-card draw poker. It is generally played against the machine itself, rather than other players.

Physical machines are similar to a slot machines and function by a coin being inserted for each game played. However, the rise of online casinos, such as partycasino.com and 888.com, have meant that online ‘virtual’ machines have also gained increasing popularity in recent years.

How to Play Video Poker?

There are many game variations within the field of video poker, however, five-card draw poker remains the most common premise for the majority of games.

Players begin the game by selecting the ‘Deal’ option, which will allocate them a number of cards. The objective is for the player to obtain a hand which includes certain winning combinations.

These combinations are listed on a ‘pay table’, which states the different amounts which can be won, depending the the various possible combinations and the amount which is originally played. Most of the winning combinations are based on the hand rankings of table poker.

Much like many slot machines, players are given the opportunity to ‘Hold’ certain cards, or discard a card of their choice. This card will then be replaced by a randomly allocated card from the virtual deck.

Video Poker Variations

There are a huge number of popular variations when it comes to playing video poker, and many online casinos will have their own unique games on offer.

One of the most common versions is usually known as ‘Jacks or Better’, which offers payouts for hands which contain a pair of jacks, or higher ranking card combinations. ‘Tens or Better’ is a similar game, where payouts begin at a pair of tens.

Another popular variation is ‘Deuces Wild’. In this game, all twos are used as wild cards, which can substitute another card in order to make the best possible hand.

However, no matter what video poker variation you might be playing, most have pay schedule percentages which pay out proportionally more for particular hands when the maximum amount of credits are entered. Therefore, players who bet less than the maximum amount will, in theory, gain a smaller return. However, your odds of achieving such card combinations remain unchanged.